Thinking about my Mom

My Mom died Nov. 27, 1993. The day after Thanksgiving.
She was 72 years old and died from a stroke. Brought on from
years of smoking, no doubt. She didn't care about that.
She was ready to go and she went quickly.

I have these pictures of her when she was a young child.
They date from the 1920's. I love looking at her in them.
When she was a child. Long before she became a mother,
and related to me in that role.

My favorite shows her dressed in a clown suit.
Perhaps it was for Halloween or a carnival. I wondered if her
mother had sewn this costume and whatever became of it.The picture must have
been taken in back of their house. I can see the white painted steps
she must have run up and down a hundred times going in and out to play.


My mother had beautiful big round eyes like Bette Davis.
When she was a young woman in NYC she was often mistaken on the
street for the actress. It's probably why I like ALL ABOUT EVE
so much.

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