Earrings by Mars Tokyo
    Only the finest authentic materials are used,  Sterling silver findings
     and adornments, semi-precious gemstones including amber, labradorite
     prehnite, onyx, turquoise, coral, bone carvings, amethyst, and tourmaline.

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Cinnabar and Amethyst earrings

LEFT:   Green carved Cinnabar, Prehnite, Amethyst
with Sterling Silver European backs  $25.

RIGHT: Yellow carved Cinnabar, Amethyst
with Sterling Silver Europeans backs  $22

Cube drop earrings

LEFT: Vaseline Glass, Crystal, Labradorite
with Titaniaun wires  $25

MIDDLE: Quartz Crystal cube, Amethyst,
and Tourmaline, Sterling Silver Euro backs  $22

RIGHT:  Lemon Quartz cubes, Sapphire drops,
with Sterling Silver Euro backs.  $32

Gemstone drop earrings

LEFT:  Amethyst and Tourmaline drops
with Sterling Silver Euro backs  $24

MIDDLE: Amethyst, lemon Quartz cubes
with Sterling silver Euro backs  $28

RIGHT: Prehnite and Labradorite  with
 Sterling silver Euro backs  $26

Gemstone drop earrings

LEFT:  Prehnite tubes, Sapphire beads and drops
with Sterling silver Euro backs  $24

MIDDLE: Green Freshwater pearls and Sapphire drops
with Sterling silver Euro backs  $26

RIGHT: Vaseline Glass, Labrodorite drops
with Sterling silver Euro backs  $28